The best website loading speeds for your website visitors from USA, Canada or Latin America

If your primary memory–hungry multi–media web sites will be intended chiefly for customers from US, Canada and Latin America, then our US based datacenter offers just the right virtual hosting service for you. The Steadfast data center is in downtown Chicago and serves a number of the main telecommunications companies in the United States of America. It offers complete redundancy in power and network connectivity thereby it’s excellent for hosting your demanding sites and applications.

Utilizing the US Based VPS Servers option is easy. Just decide on the configuration you’d like, choosing from a range of VPS solutions on our site then opt for the US based datacenter on the order form. Our administrators will install the server for you at the US based datacenter free–of–charge and will be onsite 24x7 to warrant a 99.9% network uptime. Moreover, they’ll carry out every–week off–site backups of your VPS to make certain your information is kept secure everlastingly.

Other US Hosting Services

Our Virtual Private Servers are not the sole hosting solution available in our US based datacenter. There you’ll also find Linux website hosting packs, semi–dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

The US Based Website Hosting service can be an amazing option for any personal website, portfolio site and relatively popular web–store. The Linux website hosting plans include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, a free–of–charge domain name registration along with the free Hosting Control Panel.

Our US Based Semi-dedicated Servers were designed for individuals who need something more powerful than just a Linux website hosting pack, still don’t wish to cope with any server administration chores. Our semi–dedicated servers have large CPU usage and MySQL database space quotas, which makes them a best choice for CPU–intensive web sites.

The US Based Dedicated Servers are definitely the top–notch web hosting solution. With an entire server you can use, you can easily host any type of site or web application, from your emailing script for your email promotions to the corporate website with countless month–to–month visitors. Our dedicated servers are secured by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 tech support service.