When you acquire your own web server, you'll have more freedom on what you are able to install and run compared to a shared web hosting account. With a shared service, you've got access simply to your own account, thus you aren't able to install server-side software. Although this is not a problem for the majority of script-driven applications, there are a few which have particular requirements and need certain software to be present on the server either for some additional functionality or for them to work at all. In the event that you have practical experience, you won't have any problems to run the server, but if you don't, you may simply not have the knowledge to manage everything and use the script applications that you want. If that is the case, you are able to use our Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade, which means that our system admins can arrange everything for you and aid you with any difficulties that you may come across.

Installation and Troubleshooting in VPS Servers

The upgrade is obtainable with all VPS server plans that we offer and you are able to add it either during the signup or anytime after using your billing Control Panel. It comes with an hour of custom work on your server, so our administrators can easily assist you with software installation or setup. They can also troubleshoot any piece of software that you have already installed in case it does not work, so you'll not have to waste time to discover what's wrong since they can assist you in a very quick and professional way. Because this is a one-time upgrade, you can get it just when you need it and if a particular task takes less time, the remaining minutes shall be available for the future and won't be reset in the end of the month. This upgrade is beneficial when you are unable to do something yourself or when you have our Managed Services upgrade, but the 30 minutes of custom work it includes are not enough for a particular task.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers

You can add the upgrade to any one of the Linux dedicated servers that we offer at any time that you need it. In case you need some custom work from our administrators immediately after your server is prepared, you can acquire the upgrade during the server signup procedure, or if you need something to be executed afterwards, you'll be able to add the upgrade from your billing CP. The Installation & Troubleshooting service offers 60 minutes work from our admins on your hosting server, so in the event that you face any difficulties to install a third-party software or some application gives errors and doesn't work the way it is supposed to, our experts can aid you in a very timely manner. If a task takes less than 60 minutes, the rest of the time will be available for future tasks and you shall be able to see it within the billing area. This upgrade is suitable in case you do not have much experience with managing a hosting server or if you use our Managed Services upgrade, but you run out of the 30 minutes custom work it features.